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Our Mission

Our mission is to synergize all stakeholder of healthcare industry, i.e. Hospitals, Doctors and Diagnostic centre etc. by unleashing the state of the art technology and help assist the industry to function seamlessly so as the delivery of value could be consolidated and delivered to the end client at the most convenience ease. Furthermore, we are committed to elevate the industry performance to new height through capacity enhancement, waste elimination and maximization of utility of all resources deployed in the eco-system.

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Who We Are

Business:- Our business is to develop a cloud based depository of entire gamut of diagnostic tests results in Hl-7 format, guideline set by Health Ministry of India, for each individual/ patient and create a unique Health Profile. Furthermore, the content of the profile is protected by user ID, Password and it can be accessed by OTP, generated during each log-in, by the profile owner and reviewed by doctor, upon consent given and OTP shared by patient.

Thus the diagnostic profile populates on the screen of doctor’s PC/laptop in the most user-friendly manner, including polygraph, bar chart, pie diagram, audio, still images as well as video formats; which can be synchronized on the time-scale or value-scale, based on doctor’s choice. The objective of our business is to make free patient/ individual from taking off from his job/ business, driving through traffic, waiting for diagnostic results file collection, driving back to the doctor, waiting in the

queue, getting the prescription from the doctor, buying medicine and finally keeping himself stressed up for maintaining the medicine intake charts, follow up visits and most importantly preserve those diagnostic records for the next consultation or future reference. health diagnostic record, which is HL-7. It indicates that the industry is warming up and getting geared up to take-off. Other hand, in the era of digitalization and increasing amount of complexity of individual life, the tendency of each individual is towards minimization of his effort but maximization of result. Our business is going to cater the need of every individual, whether they are visiting even on the periphery of health care management proactively or reactively (sick) and help assist them to minimize their time involvement and shall give them a unique experience of managing their health by taking the reign of its parameters into their hands.

Competitive Advantage

Lean process: Waste elimination by adopting lean process orientation is the key pillar of our business philosophy at Alpha Group. We carefully evaluate the factors, which create undesired hindrance, increases delivery time and thus affecting the profitability of the business. The motto is to create cost efficiency models with our lean process and thus benefit the client on cost, time and quality benchmarks.
Project Synergy: - Second most import ingredient of our business model is synergy. Our businesses function in such a manner that all participants of the value chain are synergized through innovative technology thus enabling the client delivery of the product and services at unimaginable ease and convenience.
Project Transparency : - Contrary to others our businesses, our businesses are built to empower the end client and enable them to take the reign of the cost and quality at the unimaginable ease and convenience. Consequently, all stake holder of our businesses enjoys the full transparency
Product / Service :- Our product is developed on the basis of guideline set by published ISO documents, Dated, by Health Ministry of India. It captures the raw data input from the diagnostic machines and converts into HL-7 format, which is stored into the cloud.

Our approach to healthcare

Providing high-quality, trusted, and accessible healthcare is our reason for being