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India's First ECG at Home by ZiffyHealth

ZiffyHealth launches a first of its kind service of Digital ECG at home along with 5 other parameters.

Now no need to travel or get exposed. You can book your ECG test in the comfort of your home with Ziffy Health.

Ziffy Health offers the most affordable, secure and high quality home healthcare services like Free Online Video Doctor Consultation, Diagnostics tests, Health Trends, Electronic Health records, SOS ambulance services, Best Doctors appointment, Vaccination on Wheels, Medicines, Wellness packages and much more.

What is ECG?

Electrocardiogram (ECG) is a life saving diagnostic tool that is routinely used to assess the muscular and electrical functions of the heart. While it a simple test to perform, the interpretation of the ECG tracing requires significant amounts of training and expertise. Hence Digital ECG is more accurate and better.

Why Does one Need Electrocardiogram Test?

Electrocardiogram Test would be probably done in case of high blood pressure or if any heart disease symptoms are displayed, like irregular or heavy heartbeats, shortness of breath or chest pain. A person may consider getting a test done in case of screening or occupational requirements or if there is any family history of heart disease, diabetes, or other ailments and the individual wants to begin exercising.

An ECG is ordered in certain conditions like:
  • 1. To monitor treatment for coronary artery disease.
  • 2. To determine the position and size of the chambers of the heart.
  • 3. To check whether a patient has suffered a heart attack or evidence of a pervious heart attack.
  • 4. If he/she displays symptoms of heart disease.
ZiffyHealth bring Rhemos:

Rhemos is India’s first portable TeleHealth monitor. It measures 7 vitals through self administered tests and transmits the readings wirelessly to a Smartphone & to the cloud for doctors to view the readings remotely. The design provides “contact-less” testing by ensuring that there is no medical supervision required during the health tests.

It eliminates all contact between patients & medical assistants to ensure complete safety for all concerned.

Features of Rhemos:
  • • Body temperature
  • • ECG & Respiratory rate
  • • Blood pressure & Heart rate
  • • Blood oxygen
  • • Blood glucose

  • Masks are worn by lab technicians & are also provided to customers

  • Fresh gloves are used for every sample collection

  • Lab technician’s temperature is checked & recorded daily

  • Equipment is sanitized at the start & end of the day

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