3ways – How Homoeopathy Helps in Getting Rid of Your Allergies Permanently

As we all know that allergies are basically our immune system response to particular allergen[ things that give rise to complaints]. Homeopathic Rx helps in building your immune so that you will not get sensitized by that particular allergen once you complete the course of Rx.

This will happen in following way…..

1. It will not suppress your immune response rather it will expressed completely so that body will start building his own resistance( susceptibility).

2. Once your Vital Force(Internal Energy) develop or make changes in your immune system then that will be permanent. You will not have allergic response even though you are exposed to that particular thing. 

3. Permanent relief from all your allergies is due to cure is happen because of your own body response. As no suppression happen anywhere & no chemicals added in your body.

By Dr. Kavita Bhapkar

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