Things to consider when you order medicine online in Pune

Shopping around for anything from clothes to anything around, chances are that you might look online for a good deal. People tend to find good deals online so everyone prefers to look for things and try to crack a good deal over the internet. It is quite easier and much simple option to do so. We tend to get good deals online and at a much cheaper rate. Why not do the same for your prescription medicine? Before you buy anything offline, you can always check them at an online pharmacy.

Lining up in queues while purchasing medicine, those days are gone. You can just buy medicine online right from your Smartphone screens with just a few clicks. There are amazing offers and big discounts aside, a lot of factors which make online purchasing of medicine a great option. With passing time and busy world, the internet has become the favourite choice for shopping. It has brought revolution the way people shop. With a few single clicks of the mouse you get everything delivered at home at no extra cost. This makes it the most convenient form of shopping. Several products are been sold online but medicines are been the very recent entry to the online store.

Few Benefits of Order Medicine Online.

Save Time and Money:

Helps the buyer to save a lot of time and money as they get to find the best and appropriate drugs needed at the best prices. They can compare the prices before placing orders. There is always some difference between the offline and online pharmacy. The much of the time is been saved as there is no need to search for the right pharmacy or wait in line to get the billing done. There is a possibility that some particular drugs or medicine might not be made available in a pharmacy or anywhere nearby. At this time the online pharmacy makes it possible to get all possible drugs at one click option sitting at home.  

Most Convenient:

Physically disabled and old citizens this is the most highlighted point and a convenient option to choose. It is really difficult for them to even move and commuting to a local drug store could be a serious issue. They need to be dependent on someone. But these issues of dependency and travelling could be solved with online pharmacy. The same goes and works well for working professionals. Ordering drugs online is the most convenient means of buying medicine making things easier and simpler.

Accessible to Information:

All the product information is available online on a very single click. Every product and drug details are there to make a comparison and understand things. The site is accessible to everyone and information on it is made much more desirable to the masses. Online pharmacy sites have more information on-screen and products available for comparison than in traditional pharmacies.

Systematic Approach:

The online stores follow a particular process of drug approval which is been carried out carefully every single time. They require a prescription which is been reviewed by medical experts from that particular domain before dispatching the drug to the consumer. This systematic approach makes it very simple to get things on time without any defaults. The medicine is been checked for being original and made to undergo a required set of verification before they are out for delivery.

Order Anytime and Anywhere:

Orders can be placed from any part of the world and any time of the day. There is no fixed time to get your orders placed. They are open 24*7 for customers. These pharmacies do not close down and the customer supports are always active to help customers and decide whether the medicine is applicable depending on the needs.


There are many who do not want other to know what medicines they are buying or prescribed. Some people need to maintain privacy and always do not want people to know about medicine and wellness products which they buy. Online drug store works virtually and all client subtleties are kept secret

Variety of choices:

Online pharmacy gives a wide choice of drugs depending on the needs. Both branded and generic names are been made available. There is very little possibility that any particular medicine could not be made available online. Every drug and prescribed medicine are kept in the store and made readily available for masses.

Informative Website:

Online pharmacies are not only places to buy drugs and medicine but they also provide information for multiple medicines and choices in the form of blogs and articles. These are mainly related to drugs, hygiene, healthy living, drug safety and other health-related issues. One can gain knowledge and also be updated with new information available in the market.

Easy Payment:

Online Pharmacy has several payment options which are made available to the consumer. There are many different ways through which drugs bill can be paid easily using credit and debit card, cash on delivery and other online payment modes. All these payment options are not there in traditional medicine store. Online pharmacy has much different collaboration under which customers get cash back and credits. Discount offers are been applied to benefit customers.

Online medication buy has a lot of advantages. Having said this it is endorsed to see a specialist before purchasing medications on the web. Always purchase from a store that requests specialist prescriptions. Ziffytech also provides Lab Tests Online for easy convenience.

Despite the convenience of online pharmacies, there is the added question of the legitimacy of the drugs being bought. In order to regulate online sales of medicines, the Union Health Ministry of India has come out with draft rules to ensure that only genuine drugs are being bought and sold within the network and no unregistered person can distribute drugs via online pharmacy. The draft states that “Any person who intends to conduct business of e-pharmacy shall apply for the grant of registration to the Central Licensing Authority in Form 18AA through the online portal of the Central Government.” Under this rule, only those who are registered  with the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) can sell drugs online. The registration would adhere to a number of stringent policies including Rs 50,000 in registration fees and inspections every two years all in an effort to ensure that patients are provided accessibility to genuine drugs from authentic online portals.

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