3 Way Video Consultation Process flow

3 way video consultation made in way that patient can add other user/ Family member in call for consultation.

Steps to follow:

  • Book doctor’s appointment from ziffyHealth “Express video consultation tab”.
  • Appointment gets placed in ZiffyDoc application for particular selected doctor.
  • Doctor Need to click on patients Video appointment->call gets placed to patient.
  • Once call generated from ZiffyDoc application- Notification will generate on patients mobile as “Incoming video call”.(Notification will generate in all cases as, when screen is off, ZiffyHealth application is close)
SOS Module Process Flow
SOS Module Process Flow
  • In notification having two options as- ‘Cancel call & Receive call’.
  • Patient will click on receive call.
  • In upper right corner in ziffyhealth video consultation tab given 3 dots, from where we can add user.
  • Patient can click on “Add user to call” option -> Enter Users registered mobile number with ziffyhealth application->Click on Add button-> Call will pace to that user.
  • In ziffy doc application same functionality given to doctor as well to add other patient & other doctor while call is going on.
  • In such way doctor can complete the consultation and generate prescription.
  • Ziffy Doc can add other doctor & user, but patient can add only other user.
SOS Module Process Flow
SOS Module Process Flow