Ziffy SOS Module Process Flow

ZiffySOS service an application that can save you and your beloved ones from emergency situations.

In this application we have given emergency service of:

  • Medical Emergency – In which ambulance service is provided with nearest location.
  • Police Emergency: Will get help from nearest police in emergency situation.

Ziffy Health Patient app :

ZiffySOS App – located on the main screen of the application. Which enables you to send a bursting SOS alert at the touch of a button- a siren that is activated even when your life trustee’s phone is on ‘Mute”.

Process to follow:

  • Download the Ziffyhealth app from play store.
  • Log in with you Mobile number
SOS Module Process Flow
SOS Module Process Flow
  • On mail screen SOS Emergency button is give-> Click on that button
  • Once you click, a siren get activated which rings for 10 seconds.
  • On that click we have 3 option as :
  • Medical Emergency

    Police emergency

    Med +Pol emergency

SOS Module Process Flow
SOS Module Process Flow
  • As per our emergency touch any of these 3 emergency alerts.
  • After selecting these request will get pop up message as “Your request raised successfully”.
  • Once Ambulance/ Police accepted request of patient then, Patient will get text message as” Your request has been accepted by Ambulance/Police/ in case both”.
  • In ziffyhealth More option, We have given “My SOS Request” functionality.
  • In that will get all our raised request with status as, Pending/ accepted/Request not accepted.
  • Once request accepted by police/ ambulance then patient can track the location/direction of ambulance with distance and duration timing details.
SOS Module Process Flow
SOS Module Process Flow

ZiffySOS Application :

ZiffySOS application saves you from emergency situations as a “Life-treating emergency situation and a Personal emergency situation”

  • Process to follow:
  • Download ZiffySOS application from play store.
  • Log in with registered mobile number as ambulance / police.
  • On ziffysos screen all request raised by patients/ users will show with details as Name, Mobile number & address.
SOS Module Process Flow
SOS Module Process Flow
SOS Module Process Flow
SOS Module Process Flow
  • Then all nearest ambulance will get notification for emergency & the nearest one can accept that.
  • On screen will have 2 tabs as Active @ accepted.
  • Active : When patient raised emergency request then all request shows in active tab, which are open & need to accept. 2. On same tab have “View on map” button-> click on that’s-> then click on Get Direction button->Will get duration & distance information. 3. Then From Hospital icon need to select nearest hospital and ambulance can book appointment for patient-> Then we need to accept request.
    Accepted: All accepted request will get into this tab. Ambulance can also call patient from same tab. Also when click on “view on map” button-> Then click on Get direction button-> Ambulance can track patients location from Google map.
  • Once hospital appointment will place by ambulance then at same time that hospital/clinic doctor also get an notification with appointment details in Doctor app.
  • If Request only raised for Police emergency then police will also follow same process.