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The COVID-19 pandemic has inevitably shaken the foundations of India's healthcare system, as it has tested even the most established healthcare systems throughout the world. Over 20 crore people worldwide have been directly affected by the pandemic. The number is growing every day.

The entire reaction to the pandemic saw both the private and public sectors working together. Private Indian healthcare companies have stepped up to the task and have been providing the government with all of the resources it requires, including testing, isolation beds for treatment, medical personnel, and equipment in government COVID-19 facilities and home healthcare.

Despite its role in "flattening the curve" through procedures including monitoring, testing, and contact tracing, and in keeping hospitals from overflowing with severely sick patients, primary health care has been the weakest link in the pandemic response.

While the pandemic has revealed the shortcomings of countries' healthcare systems, it has also emphasised the critical role that basic health care may play during health emergencies.

So, what does healthcare look like now that we have learned from it?

Healthcare in a Post-COVID Environment - A Glance at What Is to Be!

The point of treatment has increasingly shifted from hospitals to patients' homes or other locations where assistance is required. A rapid increase in the use of telehealth and online technology by hospitals and medical institutions to enable virtual visits and remote care delivery for their patients is observed.

COVID has demonstrated that online consultation should be an inherent aspect of care delivery as an effective and safe approach to treating patients and limiting infection transmission in hospitals, clinics, and medical offices. More significantly, both patients and physicians appreciate the convenience of having treatment provided close to them.

Though the frequency of online consultations or virtual visits is expected to decline slightly following COVID, it is here to stay and will continue to be widely used by patients to avoid unnecessary hospital and medical centre visits.

Virtual Consultation - Emerging Opportunities and Its Challenges

Virtual Consultation - Emerging Opportunities and Its Challenges

    The advantages of online consultations include but are not limited to:

  • Saves time and effort travelling
  • Costs far less than anticipated
  • Easy to renew your prescription
  • Improved security and better privacy
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • No chance of catching infections or diseases
  • Improved self-care regimen and ability to test oneself
  • Improved self-care regimen and ability to test oneself

While all of it does sound appealing there is a counter to all the positives of online healthcare. While online consultations are catching on, there are still challenges attached to these advantages of the technology. Primary limitations include a restrictive and limited physical examination and a lack of equipment leading to potential inaccurate diagnosis.

These limitations require advanced technology which only a few companies like ZiffyTech provide.

ZiffyHealth - The Perfect Solution To All Your Healthcare Needs!

ZiffyHealth is an online consultation platform where individuals are connected to doctors and provided tools and services to meet their diagnostic needs. It is an easy-to-use platform designed for a convenient consultation with your doctor. The simple nature of the application helps every user utilise the features of ZiffyHealth with utmost confidence.

ZiffyHealth synergizes all players in the healthcare business, such as hospitals, doctors, and diagnostic centres, by releasing cutting-edge technologies at the most convenient ease. It enables the ecosystem to operate smoothly, allowing value to be consolidated and distributed to the end client through its platform.

But what are the unique features of ZiffyHealth that makes it stand out?

❖ Live Health Status: ZiffyHealth utilises IoT integrated video consultation, which is far ahead of its time and technology that sets ZiffyHealth far above its peers. Through the Remote Health Monitoring (RheMos) Device is used to collect live health statistics. The vitals are given to the consulting doctor, which allows for a more accurate diagnosis. RheMos can provide Vitals for any patient in a matter of seconds, including blood pressure, heart rate, ECG, respiration rate, blood glucose, blood oxygen, and body temperature. It connects to your smartphone app through Bluetooth and collects and shows all health parameters on your phone via the ZiffyHealth app.

❖ 3-Way Consultation: ZiffyHealth has developed an innovative approach to consulting with doctors. Patients may now enjoy direct video consultations with doctors from the comfort of their own homes. This will not only be a live video consultation but the patient's live health metrics will also be shared with the consulting doctor. A third person might be brought into the session to assist the patient or the doctor. The stay-at-home arrangement, for example, forced parents to be separated from their children who worked or studied in various places. With the help of ZiffyHealth, either the patient's parent or guardian can listen in on the consultation and learn about their loved one's health difficulties.

❖ Predict Future Ailments: The platform can help you manage potential future ailments with features such as demographic or geographic-based health trend analysis, prediction of threatening diseases and early precautions, ability to store historical employee healthcare records and improve productivity by ensuring better employee health.

❖ Data Stored in HL-7 Format: Health Level Seven, abbreviated HL7, is a collection of worldwide standards for the exchange of clinical and administrative data across software programmes used by various healthcare providers. All medical and health records are kept in HL7 format, which is the universally acknowledged and authorised standard for health care data. The Health Ministry, Government of India furthermore has already come out with its guideline for the ISO format of maintaining health diagnostic records, which is HL-7.

With Covid changing our habits, we will need a seamless system to ensure a healthy lifestyle. ZiffyHealth is a step in that direction with its advanced features available to provide diagnosis and consultation from some of the best doctors in the nation.

So, visit ZiffyHealth now and start your journey to a healthier lifestyle!