Looking for a Lab Test Online you got done a year back? Your Doctor is asking for a lab test report, you left at home!! Uh Oh! Worry no more. Ziffytech’s collaboration with several thousands of Diagnostic Labs and Clinics across India enables you to make Electronic Health Record available at a click of a single button. Your doctor will get to see your records in an illustrative way saving time for analysis. And yes, we have added three layers of security to keep all your data safe and ONLY WITH YOU! A medical history is what tells the status of our health and can predict the future. Every symptom, illness, medication, diagnosis, past treatment is very much interdependent and is critical to patient care. In healthcare, it is believed that the efficiency of a treatment plan is very much directly dependent on the information a patient can chalk out based on his own medical history, but our documentation is to a great extent reliant on our recollections and, best case scenario on past paper works, which to a great extent bargains the exactness of the history. The issue lies in the way that we keep on staying reliant on paperwork to record our medical history of lab tests which can be muddled and difficult to keep up. It's the ideal opportunity for us to take control of our own wellbeing by understanding it, recording it and anchoring it for a healthy tomorrow. Now is the ideal time, particularly in India, for medical records to enter the computerized time and benefit as much as possible from Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

What Is EMR?

Electronic Medical Records of patients

EMR is a technological advancement in healthcare which is not based on traditional paper-based documentation of medical records or Lab Test Online . The digital version documents and records the patient’s medical history and data get added with every visit to a physician. EMR provides access to complete history virtually, anytime, anywhere.

Advantages of EMR for Lab Test Online

There are numerous advantages of EMR for both patients and healthcare providers. For patients, it wipes out the need to store and convey paper reports each time they visit a doctor. With EMR, for all intents and purposes, they convey their entire social insurance records with them wherever they go. As far as security and better consideration for the patients, EMR can be useful in more than one way. It eliminates the neatness issues of solutions and reports, gives 24x7 accesses to medicinal services records, diminishes duplication, spares time, helps social insurance suppliers in better basic leadership by understanding patient sensitivities, current drugs, precise measurements, past findings and treatment designs. When embraced, EMR will fill in as a consistent correspondence stage at whatever point a patient relocates starting with one doctor then onto the next, as the far-reaching data permits the doctor with a superior comprehension of patient's history. EMR can likewise assume a vital job in archiving fundamental signs, and the maintenance of data over time frames can enable a doctor to settle on capable educated treatment choices.


EMR in Indian Scenario


With a populace of billion or more individuals, India is tormented with an overwhelming challenge to make healthcare services open to all. Innovation assumes a critical job in empowering availability and remembering that India is home to particularly gifted Information Technology experts; it's a great opportunity to coordinate them to settle the difficulties advancing. Recording, archiving, following and sharing of human services records and Lab Test Online can be accomplished through EMR, and the information can firmly bolster Insurance Providers, Researchers, and Pharmaceutical Industries. The fracture of records can without much of a stretch be tended to by connecting Aadhar's UID numbers to patient's EMRs.

The future Of EMR and Lab Test Online in India

Majority of the developed countries have already been using and adopted EMRs. The corporate hospitals in India have started using EMRs to store patient data; the EMRs are rarely exchanged between the hospitals and most of the times it remains with the hospitals and used for reference when patient visits again. There are numerous players who have developed EMRs in India, with its very own advantages and limitations. In a nation like India, one should factor in the ground substances that the larger part of our populace is computer illiterate, technological challenged and vast demographics belong to rural areas. Thinking about these realities, India needs an EMR that is complete, easy to use, simple to learn and use to make tolerant social insurance protected and secure.ZiffyTech provides all the Health Electronic Records made available online in just one go for all kinds of Medical Test. Book your Lab Test Online and get everything in one place.

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