The prospect of having your blood work done without consultation from health expert can seem scary. Yet, for many patients, the ability to choose the tests they want to do and when they want to do it is a freedom they enjoy. Your busy life may call for more convenience in assessing your health. So booking an appointment at a clinic and the subsequent waiting time to get your tests done may become a matter of inconvenience to you. Not to mention the time taken to wait for your results which can also disrupt the usual flow of your busy routine. Getting a simple test like a blood test need not require you to go all the way to the clinic anymore. With ZiffyTech’s digital healthcare platform, you can just “order in” your test to be done at the comfort of your home. Perhaps you require a blood test done for an older member of the family or a physically handicapped member who find it difficult to handle the physical exertion of going to the clinic. Perhaps you might require a test in discretion due to its sensitivity (such as STDs) or you simply may feel like you need more tests compared to what has been prescribed by the doctor. Or maybe you are just curious to know your body’s current health status. Whatever your end goal is, digitized healthcare has made blood tests at home possible and super-convenient.

Find the best Pathology Labs & Diagnostic Labs in Pune

blood tests at home

Pathology is a medical specialty that investigates and determines the cause and nature of diseases which help doctors and medical experts to diagnose the patients correctly and offer the right type of treatment. It involves examining body tissues (biopsies, pap smears, etc) and bodily fluids such as blood and urine. It is best used to find out the magnitude of an illness to determine the type of illness - whether it is an infection, an allergic reaction, acute disease, chronic illness or any other medical condition. Medical anomalies that seem to appear in the patient on the outside can be traced down to the exact cause of the problem using pathology and diagnostic tests. ZiffyTech’s app houses a large database of the best diagnostic labs &pathology labs in Pune. Each of these labs is verified for their qualifications, rated and reviewed by previous patients, so that all information regarding the credibility of the lab is transparent to you. You can browse through the labs available near you depending on the distance, fees, ratings, and many such useful filters to pinpoint the best lab. What’s more? Your reports will be sent to you via email avoiding the long wait to collect your reports in the conventional paper form. Your reports will be in a more comprehensible form to give you a complete idea of your current health state. Along with digitized report (which is accessible to you from anywhere and anytime using the app) you will also have the advantage of having notes and voice messages from your doctor to aid you in the proper treatment of and recovery from your illness based on the diagnosis. Book Lab Tests online, Health Profiles Tests & Packages from anywhere, anytime. Select affordable health packages and choose your convenient date and time for blood and sample collection from your home. You can either pay online (Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking/Wallets) or via Cash on Collection. Select from a list of 650+ Pathology Lab Tests like Sugar Fasting, Vitamin D, Thyroid, TSH, Hemoglobin, Lipid Profile, Culture Urine, Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, etc.